Uta Brattoli (geb. Büchler)

Applied Scientist at Amazon

About Me

I am currently an Applied Scientist at Amazon. Prior to that, I was a Ph.D student at the Computer Vision group of Heidelberg University, Germany with Bjoern Ommer as my supervisor. I successfully defended my thesis in December 2020. Before my Ph.D. I obtained a Masters degree in Scientific Computing at Heidelberg University. My main research interests are Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Beyond that, I gained additional skills in applied mathematics (Optimization, Statistics etc.) due to my mathematics-based degree courses. For further information about my Career and skills see here.

During my free time I like doing sports (especially playing volleyball and swimming), cook, spending time with my dog, family and friends and traveling. I additionally try to regularly acquire new/improve my skills in not work-related topics like languages or music/instruments.